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Plaster & Cladding Services

We hire professional staff to deal with verity of plaster and cladding work. Basically cladding work include wood cladding, cladding, polystyrene cladding, interior cladding, outdoor cladding, timber cladding, insulated cladding, concrete cladding, glass cladding and stone cladding etc. cladding is an art of designing on walls and also used as layer that controls the infiltration of weather elements, such as extreme heat and rain. Dream Height provides best cladding services in UAE. Plaster is used to provide extra layer of protection for walls and also used for decoration. In plaster and cladding work raw material is important component to attain maximum result. Plaster and cladding work can be done for houses, offices, industries and other buildings as an extra layer of protection and decoration for walls