Big Differences Between Commercial Painting and Residential Painting

Don’t you think it suits all painters because they paint what they feel, be it professional, commercial or residential painters? But their ultimate goal is to improve the look of the house or a building.

Actually, painting a house is very different from painting commercially. You need to know the difference between these two, especially when hiring commercial and studio painting in Dubai for your project. So here comes the clarification of your doubts.

How does commercial painting differ from private painting?

We assume you already know that commercial painters are skilled workers. They are very skilled people and involved in painting large scale projects such as painting commercial building, restaurants, factories, etc. Not everyone can paint a commercial building like a professional. It doesn’t matter if you know how to hold a brush, but can’t call yourself a commercial painter until you have some professional skills and certifications.

A Brief Introduction to Residential Painting

Unlike commercial painting, residential painting involves small scale projects such as painting a house, apartments, barns, etc. A residential painter changes the aesthetics of your home with his knowledge, skills and expertise.

Commercial Painting Vs. Residential painting: what makes it different?


Commercial painters offer you additional services. They provide you with a wide variety of services such as ceiling painting, wood trimming, decorative painting and exterior painting, while a residential painter provides the services to fill in the cracks or holes.

Schedule Availability

Time is a basic requirement for everyone. Commercial painters are more flexible than residential painters. They even work on odd days because they know that delay can affect the whole project. Conversely, residential painters only work on weekdays.

Amount of Paint

The commercial painters rely more on the amount of paint than on the quality of the paint because they have to use the paint on the large surface. In contrast, the residential painters use quality products because they paint the house aesthetically.

Knowledge and Expertise

Commercial painters are more experienced than residential painters because they have experience working with large teams. Although residential painters are experts in communicating with the homeowners, they protect your household while working.

They have more knowledge of material and commercial exterior; on the other hand, residential painters have limited knowledge about the building materials.

Painting Shell

Commercial painting involves large-scale projects as it involves rigorous planning, paint and human resources, while residential painting is intended for small-scale projects. They have a limited team but an experienced team.

A Debate about Commercial Painters Vs Residential Painters in a Nutshell

So, did the detail mentioned above help you find the differences between commercial and residential painters?

So if you want to change the aesthetics of the home, you should hire residential painters as they have the expertise to perfectly paint the interior and exterior of your home.

On the contrary, if the project is large, you should see a commercial painter. It all depends on your needs, what exactly you want to do. But whatever your decision, give preference to professional painters for your project as choosing one is not a piece of cake. So spend some time before making the final decision.